Justice is a Woman (Play)


Fans of legal dramas and local theatre will not want to miss Justice is a Woman; a highly emotive theatre production highlighting issues of gender inequality and the ethical dilemmas of the justice system written by well-respected former KZN judge Chris Nicholson, directed by Paul Spence, formerly of the Royal Shakespeare Company UK and starring a richly talented South African cast.



Set in a KZN university in 2018, after the 2 000-year exclusion of women as lawyers in the courtroom, Justice is a Woman tells the captivating story of a female post-graduate student’s molestation case against her male university professor. Lead character Portia, the lawyer representing the professor, is faced with an ethical dilemma that forces her to question her values and threatens to tear her personal life apart.

If you’d like to produce this play, please contact me directly.

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