The Level Playing Field


On the 13th October 1973 at least a dozen security branch policemen in plain clothes descended on twenty-two cricketers playing a match at the Forsyth Cricket Ground in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. Authors Chris Nicholson and Mike Hickson have catalogued in humorous vein the team’s battle with the Security Branch and the dramatic meeting with Sport Minister Piet Koornhof, who stigmatised the cricketers as ‘sporting terrorists’. The authors also contribute an incisive analysis of SACOS and non-racial sport in general, the role of Aurora in early township cricket development, and its devastatingly effective stand against the rebel tour of Mike Gatting.



‘The real challenge to apartheid’s racist sports laws was instigated by a group of Pietermaritzburg’s white natives when they founded the mixed race Aurora Cricket Club in 1973…all South Africans, young and old, black and white should read this book’

Sam Ramsamy Member – International Olympic Committee (IOC)


‘Not many books get consumed in one sitting, or in my case lying down, but this droll and often inspirational account of Pietermaritzburg’s Aurora Cricket Club went down like a cold beer in February.’

Patrick Compton Natal Mercury

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