No Sacred Cows


Assembled from stories written over a period of twenty years, Chris Nicholson’s debut short story collection offers an opportunity to engage with moral matters through wry humour and a careful understanding of the difficulties faced in seeing justice come to pass, be that in the courts or in everyday matters.

Often amusing, sometimes comical and occasionally sad, these stories are wholly honest and in accord with Nicholson’s belief that in life there are no sacred cows; all aspects of life must be open to criticism, analysis and the most passionate adoration. With a light touch, an ear for language and its nuances, a sympathetic eye and an unusual mixture of relationships, Nicholson’s stories give the reader not only pause for thought, but the promise of entertainment.



“Those who have had the pleasure of hearing some of these stories over the dinner table will be pleased to discover that Chris Nicholson’s sharp wit and humour have translated well onto the printed page. The short stories in this collection are a delight to read – they are, in turn, funny, serious, thought-provoking and philosophical; much like the man himself.”

Professor Lindy Stiebel of the English Department of the School of Arts: Languages and Literature, University of KwaZulu-Natal.


“Chris Nicholson possesses one of the most singular voices in South African literature.
He is one of those rare individuals who is equally adept in the genres of non- fiction (Papwa Sewsunker Sewgolum: From Pariah to Legend, Permanent Removal: Who Killed the Cradock Four? and Richard and Adolf: Did Richard Wagner Incite Adolf Hitler to Commit the Holocaust?) as well as fiction. This, his debut anthology of short stories, documents the wide ranging influences in his work, ranging from Greek Mythology to Law, from cricket to golf, from the injustices of apartheid to its hilarious consequences. But above all his short stories reveal a man who is a master of timing, who possesses that Herman Charles Bosman-esque quality of introducing those pipe- tapping interludes at just the right moment.”

Darryl Earl David, School of Arts: Languages and Literature, University of KwaZulu-Natal, founder of Richmond Book Fair, JM Coetzee Festival and Boekbedonnerd.


“These are amazing stories! A superb collection of writings… which will receive superlative reviews!”

Tod Collins author of ’Till the Cows Come Home.


The famous South African novelist Marguerite Poland, author of a number of books, including, Iron Love, Recessional for Grace, The Keeper and others, wrote:

“I am writing to say how much I enjoyed your book and admired the writing. I just had to say I feel as though I have spent a week in your company (alongside R Ponsonby Esq) and it has been a delight – in humour; your marvellous turn of phrase, your wit and your wisdom. And an education and a book to be examined for the darker issues about which you know so much and for which you feel so deeply. It’s also full of small in-house laughs for those who know you well – the choice of names, the dinner table conversations and setting, the music, the gap-toothed advocate, the rusty Beetle. It was a feast!!!”

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